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Mounting Flange Set for Square Cable Transit Firestop Device CT 120

Mounting Flange Set for Square Cable Transit Firestop Device CT 120

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The Abesco CT 120 Transit device is designed for many construction types, including gypsum drywall assemblies, concrete walls and floors, and wooden flooring.

  • Designed for single or multiple cables
  • Easy to install before and after cabling
  • Easy installation-saves labor cost
  • Approved worldwide and recognized by independent authorities

How the CT120 works:

Cable Transits (CT) are used to seal cables which penetrate through up to 4 hour fire-rated concrete walls and floors, and are suitable for most common types of construction.

Individual CT120 Cable Transits can be ganged together to form duplex, triplex, or sixplex units using special CT Mounting Flanges(which are listed below).

CT systems are suitable for data, communications and electrical supply cables, and even pipes; CT120 Cable Transits offer flexibility, expandability, and reliability from 0-100% fill

Leakage Ratings:

The CT 120 Devices have unparalleled leakage ratings, the best in the industry. They can be rated from blank to 100% filled and don’t require putty to do so. Leakage ratings of less than 1 cfm are common!

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