Wood Fire Proofing Coating Albi Clad FP- 5 Gallon Bucket

Wood Fire Proofing Coating Albi Clad FP- 5 Gallon Bucket

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Albi Clad FP fireproofing brings the water-based, thin-film, intumescent coating characteristics of renowned Albi Clads to materials including wood, wallboard, plaster and other non-ferrous substrates. FP combines intumescent fire protection with the aesthetic breakthrough of an attractive, decorative, interior finish that preserves architectural detail on a range of materials. Albi Clad FP is used in historic restorations, condos, apartments, lofts and wherever architectural designs call for an extremely thin, aesthetic architectural finish with simultaneous fire protection. It may also be applied to correct fire ratings due to improperly installed wallboard.

Albi’s Clad FP Features,

  • Thin-film intumescent fire protective paint for wood, sheet rock and other substrates.
  • Water-based architectural finish rated up to two hours fire protection.
  • Complies with all building codes for use in many applications.

Application Guide:

Albi Clad FP Application Guide

Product Data Sheet:

Albi Clad FP Product Data

Safety Data Sheet:

Albi Clad FP SDS