Nelson FSP 1" x 3" x 12" Putty Sticks

Nelson FSP 1" x 3" x 12" Putty Sticks

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The Nelson FSP™ Firestop Putty Sticks are suitable for any jobs where a fire seal is needed. These sticks can be molded into an area with ease and require no special tools to apply.


  • Easily installed, highly pliable and reusable
  • Requires no special skills or tools for installation
  • It inhibits the passage of smoke, and flame, through penetrations and joints. It is ideal for cable penetrations, where cable additions are common
  • To ensure adequate adhesion, all surfaces should be clean and free of dust, grease, oil, loose materials, rust or other substances
  • Apply the required depth of FSP over various backing materials. Ensure that it makes complete contact with the inside surface of the opening, as well as the surface of each penetrating item
  • Actual installation should be in accordance with the appropriate Nelson™ application system drawing
  • Up to 3 hour rating
  • Smoke and gas tight; weather resistant
  • Acoustically tested; reduces noise transmission